The Committee on Ergonomics is an organiser and co-organiser of scientific meetings – symposia, conferences and seminars – gathering the specialists involved in issues of interactions and mutual relationships between humans, their activities and the environment, in a multi-aspect perspective. The effectiveness of system operations, reliability, work load and health and safety of operators have been and still are the subjects of discussions and scientific publications.

The results of our research are published in monographs and in the Committee’s own scientific journal „Ergonomia. An International Journal of Ergonomics and Human Factors” entitled„Medical error – ergonomic determinants”, and „Physological burden of work – new challenge to ergonomics” were the leading themes of scientific conferences in 2009 and 2010. These are also titles of scientific monographs.


In 2012 Committee organized symposium „Ergonomics in economy based on the knowledge”. The monograph entitled “Ergonomics in economy based on the knowledge” was devoted to the problems presented and discussed durin the symposium.

The Commission „Ergonomics in Medicine”


Tasks for the Commission

  • to promote greater understanding of ergonomics among health care professionals and associated r improvements in the health care system,
  • to initiate scientific research projects and to implement their results,
  • to initiate interdisciplinary activities in order to implement in the health care system the solutions adopted in other fields (e.g. aviation),
  • to initiate broad international co-operation,
  • to try to introduce the issues of ergonomics in preventing adverse events in medical care,
  • to stimulate necessary legislative changes, in order to: 
     - raise the level of patients’ safety throughout the whole health care system through ergonomic improvements in the system,
     - raise the reliability of the health care system by eliminating hidden systemic  flaws ,
     - draw attention to non-medical factors of quality in the health care system,
     - reduce the biological and social costs and to increase the comfort and satisfaction of the personnel providing medical services.

The Committee publishes a scientific quarterly entitled Ergonomia An International Journal of Ergonomics and Human Factors”, which  is published in English from 2004 onwards. The first Editorial Board of the journal was appointed in 1976. Initially, it was a biannual journal  published in Polish under the title Ergonomia.